Implementation of Early Childhood Curriculum in Nigeria: Problems and Way Forward


  • Ogunode Niyi Jacob
  • Dr. Akin-Ibidiran T. Yemi
  • Ibidiran John Akinbusoye


Curriculum, Early Child Education, Implementation, Problems


Curriculum planning, design and implementation are key to the realization of education objectives. In, Nigeria, the early child curriculum is facing many implementation challenges. This paper is aimed to examine the challenges facing the early child education curriculum in Nigeria. To do this, hard and soft resources on early child education programme in Nigeria were consulted for data gathering. Primary and secondary data were used to provide empirical support to the various points raised in the paper. The paper revealed Inadequate funding, shortage of caregiver, inadequate infrastructural facilities, shortage of instruction materials, poor supervision, insecurity, poor capacity development programme and poor implementation of Early Childhood Education will be considered as the challenges facing the implementation of the early child curriculum in Nigeria. To address the problems of curriculum implementation in the early child education programme in Nigeria, the following have been suggested: Government should increase the funding of the early child education programme. This will help for effective administration and implementation of the programme. More professional care giver should be employed and deployed to the various early education centers across the country. This will help to aid effective implementation of the programme. The government should provide more infrastructural facilities in all the public early child education centers and more instructional materials should be provided in all public early child education centers across the country etc.




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Jacob, O. N., Yemi, D. A.-I. T., & Akinbusoye, I. J. (2021). Implementation of Early Childhood Curriculum in Nigeria: Problems and Way Forward. International Journal of Development and Public Policy, 1(5), 210–216. Retrieved from

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