Problems Facing Economics Teachers in Nigerian Public Secondary Schools and The Way Forward



Economics, Economics teachers, Secondary school, Education, Problems


Economics is one of the elective subject offer in the Nigerian public secondary schools. Economics is one of the social science subject meant to equip the students with economic skills and knowledge of economic analysis. To realize the objectives of teaching economics in Nigerian public Secondary Schools, professional economics teachers were employed in various public Secondary School across the country. This economics teachers are saddled with the responsibilities to implement Economics programme in the public schools. Recently, many of these economics teachers are facing many challenges in teaching the subject in their respective schools. This paper is aimed to discuss problems facing Economics teachers in Nigerian public secondary schools. To do this, the researchers, used secondary data. The secondary data were collected from print and online publication. Teaching of large classes, poor staff development programme, poor supervision, inadequate infrastructural facilities, lack of economics teachers association, inadequate instructional materials, poor motivation and insecurity were identified as problems facing economics teachers teaching in Nigerian public secondary schools. To solve these problems identified, the following were suggested: increase in the funding of Economics programme, employment of more professional economics teachers, provision of Economics instructional materials, provision of more infrastructural facilities for both Economics teachers and Students, ensure effective capacity development programme for Economics teachers, motivate the economics teachers, form Economics Teachers' Association and effective supervision of the Economics programme should be ensured in all public secondary school across the country.




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Yemi, D. A.-I. T. ., Jacob, O. N. ., & Akinbusoye, I. J. . (2021). Problems Facing Economics Teachers in Nigerian Public Secondary Schools and The Way Forward. International Journal of Development and Public Policy, 1(3), 27–32. Retrieved from




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