Comparative Education in Nigerian Higher Institutions: Problems and way Forward


  • Ogunode Niyi Jacob [email protected]
  • Nneka Cynthia Ohaeri Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council


Comparative Education, Education, Implementation, Higher, Programme, Studies


Comparative education programme is one of the compulsory courses that must be offered and passed in the faculty of education before graduation. The Comparative education programme is also offered as a Masters’ programme and PhD programme in many Universities across the World. The teaching and learning of Comparative education programme is facing many problems in the Nigerian higher institutions. This paper identified: inadequate funding, inadequate instructional materials, shortage of lecturers, inadequate infrastructural facilities, poor research, strike actions, brain-drain, corruption, over-population and poor curriculum development. To address this problems, the following were recommended: the government should increase the funding of Comparative education programmes, employ more qualified lecturers in Comparative education, provide adequate infrastructural facilities, adequate instructional materials, ensure periodic and effective curriculum development for Comparative education programme and Comparative education research and effective staff development for Comparative education lecturers in all higher institutions in Nigeria.




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Jacob, O. N. ., & Ohaeri, N. C. . (2021). Comparative Education in Nigerian Higher Institutions: Problems and way Forward. International Journal of Development and Public Policy, 1(4), 68–74. Retrieved from

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