Teaching English by using Interactive Methods and ICT


  • Sultonova Mukhlisa Nurillayevna Senior teacher, Tashkent state technical university named after I. Karimov “Practical English” department


teaching, approach, interaction, create, interactive, role-playing games, children, process, TPRICT, role, multimedia, computer


This article about teaching English by using interactive methods. In this article it is spoken about a lot of interactive methods, especially the importance of using TPR method in teaching English.And also this article is about using ICT in a classroom which is as a tool for language learning has a lot more benefit. It gives stimulus to undertake the tasks that the students may otherwise avoid. In an ICT enabled language learning class, the students would conduct the activities on the computer software platform and they will not have any sorts of hesitations or inhibitions. It would make repetitive tasks more interesting and would have content which could be in multimedia formats.




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