Analysis of Chocolate Paste Market Demand from the Perspective of Navoi, Uzbekistan


  • Sitora Shaydullaeva Sobirjonovna Lecturer at ‘Silk Road’ International University of Tourism
  • Firuzakhon Kamaridinova International University of Tourism ‘Silk road’


chocolate hazelnut spread, market demand, sales promotions


Due to the fast-paced global urbanization, lifestyle of people is becoming more hectic which have resulted in lack of spare time for cooking and thus people nowadays are choosing ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook food-products. This in fact is promoting the usage as well as manufacturing readymade spreads, including chocolate and hazelnut pastes for breakfasts in the global food market. Being the most popular food product worldwide, chocolate is not only the consumed as a dessert after a meal, but it is demanded to produce chocolaty products like spreads. Researcher’s assumption of Market Data Forecast on the global chocolate based spread market size gives a clarity to the future increase to 2 % throughout the period 2020-2025 and this includes the Uzbekistan’s chocolate spread market, which led us to conduct more research regionally by addressing the influence of existing local brands to the country’s chocolate spread market. 

The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of organizational sales promotion of local Choco-spread producers and how it influenced on the market demand of analyzed certain brands. The study used descriptive research approach and the data was purely quantitative. In order to achieve this objective, 9 local entities were selected using purposive sampling techniques.




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