Current Assets and Their Role in Company Activity


  • Abdirakhimov Boburjon Umarjon Ugli Fergana Polytechnic Institute, master
  • Qudbiyev Nodir Tohirovich Fergana Polytechnic Institute, master
  • Rasulova Shakhnoza Khatamovna Fergana Polytechnic Institute, master
  • Mamayusupova Nigoraxon Fargona city 30-school, teacher


analysis of shortage of raw materials, excess stocks of materials, work in progress, excess stocks of finished products, working capital


The article discusses ways to increase the volume of output by analyzing the structure of current assets of the enterprise, as well as their impact on the financial results of the enterprise. The shortage of current assets is an internal problem of enterprises and as the only solution to this problem is associated with inefficient management of current assets, shortcomings of the enterprise management system as a whole. Suggestions are given for evaluating and improving the efficiency of current assets and their role in the company's activities.




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Umarjon Ugli, A. B., Tohirovich, Q. N., Khatamovna, R. S., & Nigoraxon, M. (2021). Current Assets and Their Role in Company Activity. Journal of Marketing and Emerging Economics, 1(7), 25–30. Retrieved from