Issues of Territory Management and Decentralization of Management in Uzbekistan


  • Ulmas Charievna Dzhuraeva Termez State University Teacher of the Department of Civil Society
  • Nuriddin Ravshan Ogli Yakubjanov Student of the Faculty of Law of Termez State University Termez, Uzbekistan


management system, executive power, decentralization of management, vertical management, territorial management


This article analyzes the rational management of regions in Uzbekistan - a timely understanding of external and internal factors affecting the regions, balanced and sustainable socio-economic development of the region, as well as systematic management. In particular, in recent years, the country has taken systematic measures aimed at effective governance of the regions and created a legal framework. Therefore, this article pays special attention to the effective training of management personnel in the field, to ensure their continuous development of their professional skills, effective management methods to systematically address socio-economic problems.




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