Development of Reading Competence in Future Teachers


  • Zamira Aminovna Salikhova Bukhara State Pedagogical Institute
  • Saitova Sitora Student of the Faculty of Languages of the Bukhara State Pedagogical Institute


Development of student's personality, formation of reading competence, reading, reading competence


The ability to read is a set of knowledge and skills that allow a person to choose, understand, systematize information presented in printed (written) form, and successfully use it for both personal and public purposes.

The article is devoted to the actual problem of the formation of reading competence in future teachers (on the example of foreign literature). The methods used are the analysis of foreign literature and a practical study of the formation of reader's competence in teaching literature to future teachers.

The study shows that the formation of the ability to read consists of several successive stages and is carried out in certain pedagogical conditions. The assessment of reading ability is carried out according to the following five indicators, the presence of which requires a complete understanding of the text: orientation in the content of the text and understanding of its general meaning; information identification; improvement (development) of interpretation; reflection of the content of the text; reflection of the text form.




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